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Day after day, weekdays flash, then came July. And today we will tell you about one more project related to e-commerce and do not be surprised by another return to this topic, since the scope of e-commerce is huge in itself, will grow exponentially in the coming years and moreover, it has prospects to evolve. Most of the world market today is represented by China and the US, but emerging markets are not going to lag behind, in percentage terms their growth is even more dynamic than developed markets today.

The desire of people to make purchases comfortably and cheaply (in comparison with going to the store, and overpaying for sales areas and salaries of sellers), where possible, is the main driving factor, driving the almost infinite growth in the number and quality of online stores around the world.

The problem that will be discussed today is the problem of trust in sellers, the question of the reputation of online points, high time and material costs for maintaining authorization confidentiality, high transaction costs for classical payment methods. These are not the only bottlenecks in the industry, but one of the most important.


Is it possible in the 21st century to have a more convenient and modern solution?

The ARAW project (Britain) offers a trading platform ("marketplace" from the English marketplace) combined with a payment system, including mobile payments and payment support by Ether and, in the future, probably altcoins. The user will be able to select products, compare prices and reviews, pay for goods with crypto-currencies, leave reviews, sign them with his crypto signature.

On the site, there will be a loyalty system, the possibility of lending, the ability in real time to track the goods on the way of delivery and availability in the warehouse. In general, this is really a variant of the evolution of the e-commerce industry.

For sellers also there is a lot of bonuses - the ability to sell goods abroad and quick money transfer without numerous commissions, insurance of goods from door to door, advertising on the network.

Examples and cases of using the system from different sides please look in the working documentation.


The team ARAW

The project team is small, a dozen people, and a dozen curators.


Krutesh Shah , Co-Founder & CEO
Carlo Pascoli , Co-Founder & CTO
Dev Shah , CBDO
Manan Jobanputra, Lead Blockchain Developer
Roman Golovay, Blockchain Developer
Dimpy Ladva, Senior Mobile Developer
Jainesh Mehta, Platform Developer
Sagar Jobanputra, Web Designer/Developer
Stephen AO, Lead Designer
Ami Shah, Senior QA Analyst
Maksim Boyko, Infrastructure Engineer


As a advisers ARAW a team of experienced IT specialists, financiers, support services, human resources, marketing and communications specialists, business development and others are working.


Kunjan Parmar, Legal advisor
Jeremy Khoo , E-Commerce & Retail Expert
Jane Thomason , Advisory Board Member
John Wellman , Bleep Plc, Group CEO
Naviin Kapoor , Blockchain Advisor
Paresh Masani , Platform Vision & Strategy
Nicolo Stewen , Media Partner, CEO of Cryptoanalyst.co
Srinivas Anala , Founder of Bloqwise




The ARAW community is quite large - about 100,000 people in all social networks.

The site does not have any language versions, in another I can neither praise nor criticize.

There are source codes of the smart contract on Gitkhab and PROTOTYPE.

This is very useful for understanding the project by investors and transparency of its implementation.

The site presents many publications on more or less well-known resources.

And of course, there is an article on the best Russian evaluation resource RUTH.NEWS.

You are reading it right now!



Token and ICO

Tokens of the system are strictly utilitarian, they have the same ticker with the same design - ARAW.

At ICO, you can buy tokens over the air, bitcoin.

At the current stage of sales, rate 1 ARAW = 1 cent (0.01 USD).

Hardcap 3.5 billion ARAW tokens ($ 2 million), and softtails an order of magnitude less - 320 million ARAW - will already be achieved!







Author: Ilia [4018] Sokol 

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