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Before money have been invented, people used barter as a payment method. Later on, they realised how much inconvenient is, to bring for example a hen every time they were going to the market. Instead of direct goods, they started to use shells. Shells were displaced by the coins, coins by the paper money, paper money by the virtual. With the Internet invention, a market of instant payments blew up bringing Paypal and cards transactions. And today with the blockchain technology we also face a new payment revolution.

Meet COTI – the possible currency of the future. 




COTI is a new kind of payment methods, being a mix between typical cryptocurrency payment and card. From the VISA and Mastercard COTI took trustworthiness due to the Trust Scoring and Mediations system, from the crypto, decentralization and low - fee transactions. But this is not all. COTI itself is a native coin based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) Blockchain. DAG is much more efficient system then Ethereum or Bitcoin PoW will ever be.

Main features of COTI ecosystem:

  • Instantaneous remittance – thanks to the DAG technology, transactions will be made instantly.
  • Trust Scoring Engine
  • Mediation System
  • Currency Exchange


Let’s have a look how usage of COTI can influence merchant – consumer relations: 


As I already wrote COTI ecosystem has some elements of both payment systems. What divides it from the normal crypto payment is a KYC and AML regulation as well as some trusts mechanisms (Trust score and Mediation system). Difference between the card and COTI payment lays in the fee. Transactions made with COTI are free of charge or with the minimal fee. Besides, COTI system thanks to its decentralization is resistant to hacking attacks. 



For the consumer using COTI won’t be much different from another instant payments method. COTI provides buyer-seller protection as well as easy p2p payments. There will be no need for sharing a personal data with the merchants.

According to the COTI data, 5 000 merchants and 50 000 users already applied to the COTI network.

COTI wins in the comparison to the actual possible payment methods, including card transactions and cryptocurrencies payments. Below, you can see the picture comparing COTI with the card networks like VISA or Mastercard, Cryptocurrencies based on Blockchain 1.0 and 2.0 (PoW) and DAG currencies like IOTA and NANO. 


After this tab, I am not surprised why COTI collected 3 million USD within 27 hours of its crowdsale, especially if we look at worldwide consumer payment transactions statics exceeding $50 trillion annually. I guess there is enough space for another player.



COTI tokens are based on ERC-20 protocol. Although, as I wrote before COTI plans to migrate all their tokens to the own DAG blockchain. It will happen after COTI main net will be launched, so according to the Whitepaper in June 2019. But, the exact date has not been settled yet. 




There will be 2 000 000 000 COTI issued. 30% of this amount will be available for purchase during the token sales, 22% will be reserved, 15% will go the team, 10% for the partners, backers and advisers. 13% will be used for the incentive program and 10% for the liquidity. 



From the collected funds (I have to remind here that COTI collected already 10% of their hard cap in the Pre-sale), 30% will be spent on R&D (development), 15% on the marketing, 12% on licenses, 9% for the legal, 8% for merchant services, 7% of for on making a market (whatever does it mean), fund and  operational expenses, 5% will be spent on improving the cybersecurity. It is one of the few projects which have the security issues outlined in the expenses list.



I am personally delighted by the COTI team. Finally behind the advanced technology stands people who have enough knowledge and experience to handle such complex project. IT department is represented by the 7 specialist what makes up 36% of the team. The rest has either business or marketing background or work with the COTI community.



The COTI team has been strengthened by the advisory board consisting of:





As it is common for the projects on ICO, the final COTI product we will see just in one year, what is not the worst case, although to have a ready prototype is always an advantage. 2018 COTI team plans to spend on product development, to have in December this year test net launch. Debit card and KYC solutions are planned for 2019. To avoid a coin dump just after the ICO, COTI will freeze some of the tokens (for example belonging to the team), as well as offers some discount for tokens lock up. More details here: https://coti.io/en/files/COTI-Token-Sale-Summary.pdf 




A long time ago, when I was applying for the donation to open my own company, partnerships’ list was one the key requirements. Signed letters, expressing companies’ will to cooperate with me, were a proof for the government authority to have a foothold. That day it wasn’t so important for me, but now I understand how great is to have strong partnerships from the business early phases. I guess there is no need to underline its importance in case of ICO projects, where such a ‘cooperation will’ keeps the investors pockets wide-open.  COTI made a good job on this point collecting a great range of partners.


Whole list with the responsibility outline: 



Let’s have a look at COTI community numbers.

23 930 – followers has COTI Facebook account

41 444 – members has their Telegram channel

18 600 – followers has their Twitter

The only project with similar numbers which comes to my mind is POLYMATH. Thanks to such enormous community, that one survived the last tsunami on the crypto market and keeps more or less ICO price.


Also, media gave some attention to COTI. Articles about the project were published in Forbes, inc.com, investing.com, tech. crunch, nasdaq and many others, mainly crypto orientated.  


PROs and CONs

I am glad, that COTI is a case where I can point our more pros than cons.


  • Strong team
  • Smart token policy
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Big community
  • Relatively high sale numbers


  • High competitiveness. This is not the first and not the last payment system with the native token
  • No product for today. Alpha net will be released after the ICO, the main net launch is planned for July 2019


If you would like to learn more about the COTI project check the links below:







Token policy:


Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/COTInetwork

Telegram: https://t.me/COTInetwork  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/COTInetwork

Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely my opinion, based on facts found on the project website, whitepaper, social media and etc. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.

Anna Hare

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