[GAC] CryptoHIT – play and earn – review

Playing in the computer games improves the cognitive functions, eye-hand coordination, practices concentration and shortens the decision-making process. And from now on, it allows earning some cash. Let me introduce you the project which turns the dream of many into the reality – CryptoHIT.

CryptoHIT is a decentralized gaming platform for financial gaming projects. In the CryptoHIT ecosystem, both game developer and gamer can earn on playing. Let’s have a look at the platform key features. What makes it indeed different from other platforms is a possibility to exchange the game achievements and resources between different games in the ecosystem. For example, you earn some virtual asset in a game, but you got bored with playing. You can exchange your earnings to the GAC token and buy for example a start package in another game. Just to remind you, for the beginning  CryptoHIT plans to release 4 different games. Let’s have a look at another feature – token exchangeable. The currency players use in the game is called UNIT. UNIT can be easily transferred to GAC and  GAC can be bought and changed to Ethereum in the platform. What makes a solution with 2 tokens better is the independence from the ETH blockchain. Crypto Kitty, a game released couple years ago, became so popular that influenced the gas price. Besides, ETH is not the most convenient tool for microtransactions.

Another system feature is the referral system which allows receiving an instant income from each payment of attracted player or developer. Besides, platform thanks to the blockchain technology have a transparent arbitration system. And what might be the most important feature, game projects with API and SDK will be easy to integrate with the CryptoHIT ecosystem.

Let’s zoom another interesting aspect of this project so relations between different subjects in this platform. Developer interacts with the player with the UNITs usage, but the payment he receives is in GAC. The player can purchase token, purchases and sells items, spends tokens and distributes content with the UNITs usage. Each time, when he wants to quit the game his UNITs are getting transferred to the GAC tokens.


Below, how this scheme will look like from the player perspective in more than one game. He played before in a game “GOLD MINERS” and now he is playing in “SMART WARS”. Tokens he earned, he can change for some virtual asset. Let’s say he can buy a Gladiator, which later on trained can be sold with a better profit. Besides, the player can earn on the referrals and reviews and sell excess resources in a game.

For today two different games are at work – GoldMiners and SmartWars. More about the games you can read on the CryptoHIT website: https://cryptohit.io/

Market analysis

Global Games Market has a great potential for growth, this is out of any doubts. And if the game market, in general, develops with the constant speed – 6,6% per year, the blockchain game market can just erupt. Simply, because this niche is pretty empty for today. 

Token and ICO

Galaxy Credit Coin, a token invented by the CryptoHIT team has a ticker GAC and its based on ERC-20 protocol. There will be 50 million of GAC token released and unsold ones will be burned. Altogether, the team want to collect 32,5 millions of USD (hard-caps for pre and main sales). Soft-cap for the presale is set for 1 million USD.

57% of released tokens are for purchase during the ICO,

18% goes to the team, 16% is kept for the foundation, 6% receives Early Investors and 3% is given for the bounty campaign.


How the collected funds will be used, you can check here: https://cryptohit.io/

In case of gathering 1 million USD, 30% of collected funds will be used on the further development, 30% on the marketing, 20% for the legal issues, 15% for the infrastructure and 5% will stay be reserved.

Below, you can see the bonus structure CryptoHIT offers for their ICO.



The team consists mainly of the specialists with business, marketing and IT background. There is not much written about the team game developing experience although, in the interview I made, Demid ensured me that they were doing the strategy game in the past. Check the interview, to read more details:

Despite the team, project gathers some advisor. More information about the advisors including the links to the LinkedIn you can find on the CryptoHIT website: https://cryptohit.io/




Although the Pre-Sale just began, CryptoHIT started to build their community. For today (02.06.18) project collected:

3280 followers on Twitter

4125 followers on Facebook

3714 Telegram channel members

What is not a bad result but can be boosted. The big community is a key to the token and project popularity. Whatsmore, the community for the gaming project is not only the key but also a torch and detailed map to the treasure. So I really hope that CryptoHIT will gather couple thousand souls more.

PROs and CONs


  •          Excellent idea
  •            Nice game scenarios
  •           Team with some experience in game production
  •            Reasonable funds and tokens allocations


  •          There is still much to do in the marketing field, the gathered community is too small for this kind of project.
  •          High soft-cap. 10 thousands of ETH collects just very top projects and such amount is not needed for releasing first games.
  •        There is not enough information about the games. Beta version or more print screens could convince more investors.

If you would like to learn more about the CryptoHIT project check the links below or read the interview with project CAI Demid Chuntonov: http://ruth.news/191-cryptohit-interview 







Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cryptohitico/

Telegram: https://t.me/cryptohitico

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptohitio  


Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely my opinion, based on facts found on the project website, whitepaper, social media and etc. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.

Anna Hare

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