Bounty Sheriff


The reward system for the crypto community members known as a bounty appeared couple years ago.

The Bounty is a pretty well-working scheme made for the project promotion. The customer (project going to the ICO) receives certain services from community members. It can be for example translating sites and texts, activity in social networks, promotion, journalistic articles and reviews. All these actions are paid with tokens rather than fiat money.

Members of the community, in turn, have the opportunity to participate in the creation and development of the project without investing own money, but on the contrary, receiving encouragement for the work they did.

With the development of the ICO market and increasing the bounty popularity, a new profession appeared – a bounty hunter. Bounty hunter is a person, who can make on living by fulfilling the bounty tasks and according to our statistics from 40-70% (number depends on different bounty campaign) of the bounty hunters do their content in Russian.

The intermediary between the bounty hunter and the customer (the project going to ICO) is the bounty manager, whose role one the initial stage is to distribute tasks among the participants to evaluate them and to reward participants at subsequent stages.

Today this system despite all its pluses is not ideal

We studied spreadsheets with the bounty results for hundreds of different projects and we can say that according to our statistics:

1) Every second site/whitepaper is translated into Russian in automatic mode, usually "translators" edits the auto-translation only partially, leaving in the text a lot of "white spots", pieces of text created as a calque from the English language, but without any meaning in Russian.

2) Russian-language articles for which the ICO project pays, in 40-70% of cases (depends on the specific project) are created by automatic translation/transcription* without further adjustments. It often goes unnoticed when articles are checked not by a native speaker, but by a foreigner through a reverse translation into English.

3) Another plague of the bounty is a low-quality content with many grammar, factual, syntactic, spelling, semantic mistakes. Here we also include stolen content from another bounty hunters or copied from the project’s Whitepaper. And if thanks to the anti-plagiat programs it’s possible to partly resolve this question, for the rest of the problems solutions are not easy to find.

5) Another common practice among the bounty hunters is faking the scoring ratings, comments and likes in social networks.  

Who are we, who are you and this scheme and how we can help you?

We are a team with an experience in writing quality, original content, as well as proof-reading and language revision.

You are a representative of the project or a bounty manager.

We offer

1) Audit of all translations to the Russian language - sites and whitepaper (proofreading/language revision)

2) Audit of ALL accepted articles on the following parameters:

  • Google auto-translation / transcription from video
  • Boosted ratings of the authors of articles (use of groups for cheating, services selling comments/voices/upvotes, duplicated accounts)
  • Errors in the text

3) Bounty hunter dossier

What happens today when a bad-faith bounty hunter is caught on a forgery?

He does not receive his fee for this particular project but goes to the next one.

We can link together different profiles (BTT + FB + Tweeter + Telegram), thanks to which duplicates and cheating are clearly visible, and abusive authors get into a special list - dossier. We are able to conduct an "electronic dossier" for many campaigns, for each bounty hunter and quickly check each of them.

Cost of our services

We are ready to conduct an audit for free, and if in your case the work of the bounty hunters (and accordingly the bounty manager) is performed qualitatively, we will inform you about it.

If we manage to find unscrupulous members of the community, you will receive our report and together with it, considerable savings of the bounty budget on the payment of incentives for them.

From the saved part you can determine our fee.

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