Nowadays, the cryptocurrency market is struggling with a common problem for all developing sectors: luck of specialists. The number of programmers, managers, advertisement specialists and etc. is still very limited and don’t fulfill all market needs. For example, ICO marketing, consisting of mainly “hype”, as a main part of the project promotion, requires a great number of human resources. Hype demand partly covers “bounty” although, many materials produced by bounty hunters are bad quality and instead of attracting a potential buyer, they push him away.

Being conscious of these problems ruth. news team brings you a solution. A high-quality content and other promotional tools sewed just for your needs.

Check the details below.



  • REVIEW – POSSIBLE LANGUAGES: Russian/English/Polish/Georgian/German. We write both – detailed reviews (from 500 words up) as well as article series – from 300 – 500 words per article. In this case, each article is written about one topic, for example, “token sale” or “hype analysis” and has links to the previous ones.
  • ALL KIND OF REQUESTED ARTICLES:  “the project in numbers”, “top reviews selection”, “meet the team”, “market comparison” and etc. Topics should be discussed individually.
  • INTERVIEWS WITH THE TEAM MEMBERS: can be made via call or in a written way. Questions can be discussed before the interview.

All articles will be posted on our website Besides, we are going to promote this content through our social media channels: altogether 30 k. followers.



  • Currently, we are working on including video reviews and live interviews into our offer. We are planning to release first videos in the middle of June.



  • From the middle of July, we are also organizing Meetups for the local community. We are currently based in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Although, despite Tbilisi, couple events are planned in Batumi, Baku and Yerevan. We are targeting both groups – crypto advanced and newbies. Each meeting will gather from 50 to 100 blockchain enthusiasts. Meet up conditions should be discussed individually.



  • We also provide easy graphic services like for example memes, posters, illustrations and etc.
  • If you will decide to cooperate with us, your banner will be placed on our website, completely free the charge.



  • Well written, high-quality materials, prepared by the professional journalists and analytics.
  • Live progress. We will post the spreadsheet with our results and all the links online so you can track our work progress.
  • Working with us means less work for you. There is much less information to handle and high-quality guarantee.
  • Easy access–  if you have some comments to the text we posted, or you would like to discuss somethings you can reach us via the Telegram almost anytime.
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