Crypto celebrities

You know their faces from the TV or magazine covers. Soon you’ll see them not only in mass media but also in your crypto portfolio.

Having own token for many is just another step of the self-promotion. The famous Russian TV star -  Olga Buzova launched her crypto coin called BuzCoin. I guess the project won’t have a problem with promotion as Olga’s Instagram has more than 13 million followers. This is a real “hype”

But “stars” are not the only one, who use cryptocurrency for the promotion.  

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon wants to celebrate his return to the crypto market with the token that pokes fun at Hillary Clinton.

It won’t be the first political coin. On the market, it is possible to buy for example Putin coin or TrumpCoin (PRES).

Couple months ago a new token poking Trump blew up the market – Space Trump. Below the original coin description: “ SpaceTrump is an unpresidented USA space program conceived and created to Send Trump to Moon. This ICO is a historical chance for numerous Covfefe all around the world to hasten the pace of the Holy Revolution by funding our groundbreaking lunar mission. The ICO is based on ERC-20 standard token. Needless to say, Only Space is big enough for Trump Ego. That is why we are going to issue 38.4 million TRUMP tokens, each of which is stands for ownership of Great Wall of Moon, and distribute that wall via SpaceTrump app we will release in the future. Make Space Great Again!”

The same team made another token joke “space Kim”. The website is promoted by the fake quote of Kim Jong-Un:

"I will land on the moon and replace the disgraceful rag of the US flag with a glorious ensign of DPRK!"

I guess with the further blockchain development we can see here Madonna, Kim Kardashian and ... Angela Merkel. 

Author: Alkey.Rou

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