[CCL] Cyclean - green blockchain – token, team and more

What can I do for the environment is a question many of us ask daily. Common answers sound like: “don’t litter, recycle and use fewer resources”. But this just a small part of things possible to do. Usage of blockchain projects like CyClean extends this list several times.

CyClean is promoting the healthy lifestyle and the fresh air by rewarding users with tokens for every km they make on electric bike or watt they produce with the solar panels. More of the project description you can read in this article: https://ruth.news/219-cyclean-description


CyClean team is pretty small – just 10 members although looks pretty solid. They have an IT or business background with enough experience in a business field. Full list of team members with their bio and links to the LinkedIn accounts you can find online: https://cyclean.io/ 


The project also gained some crypto-world-famous advisers like Nikolay Shkilev, Jillian Godsil, Jason Hung, Ian Scarffe.



CyClean token is based on ETH-20 protocol and has a CCL ticker. From 4 000 000 000 tokens planned to be an issue, just 30% will be available for the purchase during the ICO. The basic price of the 1 CLL is 0.0001 ETH, what gives 10 000 CLL = 1 ETH.

Project soft cap was calculated for 300 ETH and what is a good news for the investors - has been collected during the pre-sale. Midcap – 5 000 ETH and hard cap – 106 000 ETH. It looks like the team is aiming very high, and in my personal opinion, too high for the actual market situation.

10% of tokens will be kept in company possession and can be used as an emergency fund. 22,5% will be used to the platform development, 12,5% will be given to the developers, airdrop and promotion. 25% is planned to be mined.



At the end of this year, the platform in a full version will be released. Also, the last part of this year will be spent on entities and licensing for global expansion. For the beginning of 2019, the expansion in other countries of South East Asia is planned as well and getting involved in the government-backed programs.


There is not much written about the CyClean product, but the project collected a bigger than average size community:

  • 7602 members in the Telegram channel
  • 12 000 followers on Facebook (it seems to be a main promo channel for the CyClean)
  • 2416 followers on Twitter

In the picture below you can see the CyClean partners. Although,  according to CyClean social media channels,  this list is already out of date. Since this list was released CyClean made a strategic partnership with Ketch’ up company, third biggest bike rental company in Hong-Kong. If the further company development will be as quick as it is today, CyClean can be a golden goose.

Project PROs and CONs: 


Eco-lifestyle becoming more and more popular, so this market has a great growth potential.

  • Already existing company with real revenue.
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Strong advisory board
  • Strong team


  • Lucks in the documentation, plenty of white spots about the project’s technical details
  • From described products, just one is available for today

If you would like to learn more about the CyClean check the links below:

Project website: https://cyclean.io/

Whitepaper: https://d3a0tayilhc96r.cloudfront.net/WHITEPAPER_CYCLEAN.pdf

Shortpaper: https://d3a0tayilhc96r.cloudfront.net/v3/cyclean_ENG.pdf 

Social media channels:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyclean.official/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/cycleangroup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cycleancoin



Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely my opinion, based on facts found on the project website, whitepaper, social media and etc. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.

Anna Hare

BH: cryptohare







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