[ABCS] AbacasXchange – barter exchange 3.0

Were you thinking that barter became out of date 500 years ago? AbacasXchange wants to prove that you are wrong and its showtime just began.

In approximately six months or in a worst case within a year, the universal assets exchange AbacasXchange will be launched (according to company representatives - in the first quarter of 2019, but we should see the beta version earlier). Sold on the platform can be anything, from car and casino chips to any traditionally traded instruments of the fiat and crypto markets, just under one condition, that they can be tokenized.

It reminds me a kind of a digital barter when the universality of the exchange is combined with a faultless calculation of the value of assets of all parties and finding a mutually beneficial consensus.

For each asset X, the system displays to everyone who wants to buy the equivalent value in the Y currency.

The entire exchange will be made within the framework of the Abacas smart contract, unlike ordinary exchanges, you don’t need to make several transactions to exchange two currencies that are not traded mutually. Acting as a third party in all transactions, AbacasXchange has no conflict of interest.  


All members of the Abacas team are high-level professionals

Mark VanRoon is a serial inventor and product developer.

Vince Small developed the financial services application.

Stoyan Vlahovski specialises in Social Media marketing.


 Advisors / curators

Dan Raykhman is a FinTech veteran, entrepreneur, inventor.

David Wong is a London-based entrepreneur.

Raghunathan Muralidharan (Murali) is the Chief.

Jean - Baptiste Cebe is the Chief Technical Officer.

Dr. Dylan Attwell - Duval is a number theorist.

Mohan Gandhi Ponnaganti is leading White hat hacker and Cybersecurity expert.

Promotion and prototype

The site is made on an average level, I cannot note any pluses or minuses.

On benchmarking sites (for example, ICOBENCH) the score is not too brilliant just 2-3 points.

The community is about 15,000 subscribers on all social networks. What is a pretty good result.

As I wrote before, according to the official papers, the product will be ready in Q1 2019.

Project roadmap you can see on the picture below




Tokenomika and ICO

In total, 100 million tokens with the ABCS ticker will be released, of which 40% (40 million tokens) can be purchased at a base price of 1.4 USD per token.

Soft cap 2.8 million dollars, hard cap 32 million dollars


If you would like to learn more about the AbacasXchange check the links below:


Website: https://token.abacasexchange.com/






Social networks:






Mark VanRoon, Founder & Head of Product Development This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stoyan.Vlahovski, Community Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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