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Do you often follow the world of technology news?

New trends are always amazing, for today trend networks can be called social networks and blockchains. Recently, a lot of new trends and phenomena have appeared, which just five or ten years ago seemed to us from a distant future. Technology really overtakes the human mind, our ability to transform into reality.

Just think, 10 years ago contextual advertising and banner advertising on the Internet seemed to be a technological innovation, but today it is an outdated format, and more and more personal computers are blocking such advertising with the help of special programs.

What solution can save those who offer a service or product that promotes the brand?

Those professions that we are studying today (a specialist in social networks, SMM-schik), tomorrow will be outdated in half the cases, but those specialties that will become relevant in 5-10 years are born now.

Bounty Hunter? (from the English. "Bounty Hunter") - a person who writes texts / video / content for requests of companies promoting themselves in the network. In the next 3-4 years, this market is estimated at 20-25 billion dollars.

Social networks cover half the population of the planet, every minute hundreds of thousands of clicks, likes and comments rush through networks.
Where does all this fly away and who earns it?


The Gemstra project offers creators of social networking content and bounty-hunters Gemstra BOUTIQUE - a marketplace, a platform that allows you to make money on your activities. Other stakeholders are just brand owners and agencies for communication of the first with the second.

Gemstra has already developed most of the platform, unlike many other ICOs.
It is planned to finance further development and new functions just from the collected funds.

I ask you to carefully consider the roadmap of the project - there are marked key points.



The project team consists of a very small number of participants - which I hope will not prevent the realization of all the gemstra features:

Jay Cheng, Chief Executive
Joseph Lau, Chief Revenue
Kevin Gambill, Chief Operations
Janelle Mitchell, Chief Finance
David Odere, Chief Technology
Rodrigo Lalama, Engineer


James Kuo
Ivan Ramirez
Connie Tang
Paul Sri
Steve Raack
Ted Hong
William Hsu
Tudor Stomff
Michael Terpin
Jason Hung


The team and consultants work in the USA, and the same country is listed as the location of the ICO.
First of all, the project also works with the USA, secondarily with such countries as Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, Spain. Thirdly, emerging markets are assumed.


3. The project site is excellent, but like dozens of pages of working documentation - clearly and in detail. There are still no language versions for the first or second, but the one-pager has versions in different languages. The community is medium-minimum, about 10 thousand members-subscribers.

A score of a dozen experts on ICOBENCH gives us a rating of 4.5.





4. The project's working token is a utilitarian token based on the on-air ERC-20 protocol, and has a GMS ticker. A total of 16 billion GMS tokens will be issued, of which a fifth will be blocked on the team’s account for 1 year. 40% of tokens will go on sale (6.4 billion).

The pre-ICO phase takes place in October 2018 with a bonus, the size of which you can find out on the website.
The main sale (main sale ICO) in November 2018.

Hardcap total ICO - 18 million dollars, softcap - 3 million.
The price of 1 GMS token is ~ 0.00385 USD (1 USD = 260 GMS).

Tokens can be purchased for broadcast, Fiat money and Bitcoin.

US citizens may not participate in the ICO.


Links to the project


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