[CNC] eCoinomic.net – another dimension of loans- review

If you are reading this article very likely you own some crypto asset. So very likely you know the situation of being forced to sell some tokens in the market drop just to have some cash for daily needs. Not a nice situation, ugh? eCoinomic.net helps resolve financial short time crises by lending cash with a crypto asset as collateral.

For today, the global lending market is estimated at 6 billion dollars. This number shows the approximate worldwide volume of monthly loan requirement and shows how great potential this market has. If we compare it with the total volume of the cryptocurrency market, which is estimated at 300 billion dollars, the difference is really significant. Although, according to the expert's opinions 1 trillion dollars crypto market cap supposed to be hit in 2022.

eCoinomic, a project I am introducing to you now combines both of the described categories (global short-term lending and cryptocurrency market).

Being precisely eCoinomic is a peer-to-peer lending platform created for the cryptocurrency holders.  Loans are taken in fiat and collateral assets stay in tokens. Lending part is provided by financial institutions (investment banks, family offices, funds). Borrowing, anyone who poses crypto asset.

The platform itself has been designed to the three categories of borrowers:

  •         Those who need money but don’t want to lose their crypto investments
  •         Those who want to get a leverage for dealing for a raise
  •         Those who want to insure the risk of a fall in the price of the cryptocurrency

Basic offer for the user from eCoinomic looks so:

 The user can take a loan up to 10 000 USD with the return term of one month.  eCoinomic takes 100 USD of the commission, which in case of 10k is just 1%. Much less, than any other available service.

 Each platform user can create the own set of services, picking up some positions from the list below:

  •          Secured and unsecured loans based on fiat money and cryptocurrencies
  •          Long-term and short-term investments in fiat money and cryptocurrencies
  •         Hedging the exchange rate risks for crypto assets
  •          Financial transactions, exchange, collateral management
  •        Payment for goods and services in digital currency on the online trading platforms
  •         Fiat money transactions, virtual cards issuance backed by crypto assets 

eCoinomic.net creates a global network that lends fiat money to individuals and small businesses using crypto assets as a collateral.  Detailed cash flow you can check on the picture below:



Utility tokens with a CNC ticker will be used as a way of paying a commission for using the credit service. The platform commission will normally be displayed in USD, but can only be paid through tokens. All tokens used to pay commissions will be frozen in the system for 5 years. The platform receives the right to sell each token in accordance with the FIFO principle only after the expiration of its blocking period. This is a limiting factor for the turnover of tokens

The value of the token at the main token sale corresponds to 1 CNC = 0.12 USD.

Purchasing CNC will be possible with the popular altcoins – ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH, LTC, NEO, XMR, ZEC.

Soft cap $ 6 million was successfully collected and now the ICO is moving to a hard cap worth$ 100 million more. All tokens that will not be sold during the ICO will be destroyed. For today (28.07) project collected 47 million dollars.


Names you can see in the picture below is just a half of the eCoiniomic team. The full list is available on a project website: https://www.ecoinomic.net/

The team has mainly financial background but contains also IT and marketing specialists. Actually reading the team story, I had the impression that whatever they touched it turns to gold. Have a look at what kind of business team was involved and how describes it eCoinomic Whitepaper:

”eCoinomic.net is a part of the Sauber Group — a consortium of companies working in services, financial and fintech industries.

Sauber Bank JSC financial indicators for the financial year 2017 are as follows: net assets are RUB 2.8 billion (approximately USD 46 million), capital adequacy ratio is 26.5%, the acid-test ratio is 141.4%, current liquidity ratio is 122.6%.

The microfinance company “Dengi Budut!” operates in Russian Federation since April 2011. With its own developed product — Installment Consumer Loans —customer retention rate 62%, EBITDA margin 41% and NPL 90+ 12% under the financial year 2017

Leningradsky pawn shop network has started its operations in August 2015. Twenty-plus pawn shops have been launched in 5 regions of European part of Russian. Ninety-six per cent increase of sales revenue within the period August 2015 – August 2017, 29 months operating and investment costs recovery, customer retention rate at 76%, resulted in 23% ROI at the end of 2017.

Information and Communication Systems Ltd ("SIIS") is a privately held company that was founded in May 2009. During the last year, the company’s flagship software product Survey-Studio has registered 2300+ analytical projects with more than 1500 questionnaires containing more than 64000 questions. 

The team is supported by the strong advisory board consisting of blockchain specialists like Park-Bong Kyu, CEO of World Blockchain Summit, experts with a venture investments background like IK Song or legal: Simon Choi. Full list available below:


 The team already made some crucial for their plan accomplishing partnerships:



Undoubtedly one of the project brightest stars is a promo and marketing department. eCoinomic.net appeared in more than 100 media publications including the article in Russian Forbes.


But despite media interest project also gained very good reviews from the blockchain experts.  General mark from the ICObench is 4,7 out of 5 possible points. Track ICO gave 4,8 points out of 5. ICO marks have been not less generous and matched this project as high as 9 points out of 10. What I really love in this statics is the exact number and category of points which were given. Besides, on the project’s website, you can find reviews given by the top specialist from the finance world like the Korean ex-minister: Dr Oh Muyng.

 LICENSEES: Project already gained some licences needed for legal operating. It is a FVR000181 licence for providing services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency and FRK000150: Providing a virtual currency wallet service.


If you would like to learn more about eCoinomic check the links below:

Website: https://www.ecoinomic.net/

Whitepaper: https://ecoinomic.net/docs/whitepaper

Presentation: https://ecoinomic.net/docs/presentation

Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecoinomic/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ecoinomicnet

Telegram: https://t.me/ecoinomicchannel


 Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely my opinion, based on facts found on the project website, whitepaper, social media and etc. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.



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