[IC] INGOT COIN– complex finance solutions from Middle-East 

I can’t say that Ingot Coin concept very unique. But it has two features making it exceptional. One is a real revenue standing behind the IC ecosystem, second, it is the localisation. Ingot Coin is one of the few crypto projects from the Arabic world.

So-called ‘black gold’ changed the worldwide economy and set up the global roles. New imperia popped up just in the middle of the desert and Middle-East became a very attractive place for the investors all over the world. Nothing wonder that ICO projects coming from this part of the world seems to be a titbit. Especially if they operate under auspices of the present Jordanian Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, well-known businessman and investor in the Arab world.

As  I wrote before, behind the INGOT coin stands real company: INGOT Group. It is a group of companies founded in 1993, working in different sectors of financial industry under one management and own ecosystem. In addition, the INGOT group is famous for the initiative to support and expand women's rights, freedoms and opportunities, helping them create start-ups and do business.

The INGOT Group consists of:

- INGOT Brokers Australia: a brokerage firm.

- INGOT Brokers Switzerland: a brokerage firm with elements of educational services and coaching

- INGOT Consultation Bahrain: advisory services on finance and taxation in the Persian Gulf

- Sigma Investments: a diversified venture consulting company

- EGYCOMEX Initiative: commodity exchange, founded in 2015, and operating in the Middle East and North Africa.

- Dreamtechs: a digital solutions company based in Jordan offering services for the development of mobile applications, web design, applications on the blockbuster and other solutions.


So, finally, this is a time to introduce the project itself.

Ingot coin is an integral ecosystem, what means, a set of solutions for venture investment, and brokerage, including the IC ICO Accelerator, the IC Exchange, the IC Crypto Certifier, the Internet Bank (IC) Digital Bank) and a digital wallet (IC Wallet). The ecosystem links the existing financial world and the cryptocurrency, and also awards participants/consumers / token owners to use them and contribute to the development of the system and the community.


I am very delighted to see Iman Mutlaq as a project founder. A number of females is very limited in the blockchain world and I would never expect from Jordan’s project to have a female leader. Even more impressive is Iman biography from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iman_Mutlaq

# Management

Iman Mutlaq, Founder - INGOT Coin

H.E Sheikh Ali Al Khalifa, Co-Founder

Ali Shibib, CEO

Ali Faqih, CFO

Ahmed Khawanky, CMO

Zeid Madbak, CRO

Bruno Bianchini, CSO

# Team

Hadi Varouqa, Art Director

Iyas Sartawi, Community Manager for APAC

Mohammad Basyouni, Community Manager for Bahrain

Amjad Bakir, ICO Business Development Specialist

Matthew McCrow, Community Manager for Australia

Yin Lu, Community Manager for China

Hasan Al-Omari, Business Analyst

Zaid Srour, Business Analyst

Hossam Khawanky, Events Manager

Khaled Faza, Financial Analyst

Ehab Aboushi, Back-end Developer

Ashar Rawashdeh, Front-end Developer

Esra Hatemi, Graphics & Motion Designer

Leen Daoud, Senior Marketing Executive

Mohamed Qasem, Marketing & Social Specialist

Abdalqader Bani Doomi, Senior Graphics & Motion Designer

Abdullah Njada, Community Officer Bahrain

Bissane Ibrahim, Investor Relationship Manager

Dima Baghdadi, Investor Relationship Officer

Laith Abufreha, Junior Accountant

Rashed Alkhzaie, ICO Strategist

Haiyan Liu, Customer Services Manager

Jasveer singh, Business Development Manager

Surabhi Dewra, Career R & D Manager

Rajkumar Kanagasingam, Community Manager for Sri Lanka


The team is supported by the great range of advisers:

Warren Whitlock, PR & Marketing Adviser

Naviin Kapoor, Blockchain ICO Adviser

Pranav Bhatia, Blockchain R & D

George Mentz, ICO Legal Adviser

Sydney Ifergan, ICO Marketing Adviser

John Van der Vos, ICO Adviser

Bogdan Fiedur, ICO Tech Adviser

Victor Chow, ICO Business Adviser

Jim Preissler, ICO Adviser & CEO Trade.io

Saad Mohib, ICO Adviser & Co-Founder HalalChain

Darrell Emmanuel, Investment Adviser

Martin Kiuru, ICO Tech Adviser

Almas Jiwani, Strategic Adviser

Renu Bhatia, Strategic Adviser

 Undoubtedly the team is strong and go along well – they work together since 1993. Although, INGOT group will very likely expand in the nearest future as on the website information about the possible vacancies is given. If you are looking for a job, check the actual offer on https://www.ingotcoin.io/#team


One of the most impressive features of this project is a truly grandiose community consisting of more than 100 thousand people -  and we talk only about the subscribers in Telegram. Also, an impressive number have project’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

But the community is not all. The project also gained some interest from the media. Several publications about the INGOT coin appeared in crypto related and financial titles.

On most benchmarks, the project received 4 to 4.5 points out of 5, but there are no expert reviews on ICOBENCH.

Token and ICO

n total, 120 million tokens with an IC ticker is planned to be released. IC will be utilitarian tokens. Based on ERC-20 protocol.

For sale 75% of tokens (90 million IC) are available, advisers and founders will receive 4% (4,800,000 IC), team and bounty hunters 5% (6 million IC each). The remaining 8.4 million IC (7% of the issue) will go to early investors.

The main stage of the ICO began on July 1 and will run until August 11, 2018.

The cost of 1 IC token is equivalent to 1 US dollar, which is very convenient for calculations.

A good news for the investors. At the stage of preliminary sales (more than six thousand investors), a soft cap of 40 million IC / USD was collected. The hard cap is 90 million tokens / US dollars.

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Disclaimer: this is NOT investment advice. This is purely our opinion, based on facts found on the project website, whitepaper, social media and etc. Please do your own research and decide if it qualifies with your risk profile.




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