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‘Social media’ is the thing responsible for turning our daily life upside-down. Expressions like ‘if you are not Facebook you don’t exist’ became buzzwords and at least half of the globe has some profiles in social networks. But as ‘social’ networking is blooming the professional one seems to be still undeveloped. Meet ScienceRoot – a social network for scientists.

You might say – why a special ‘egghead’ network is needed if all of them anyway use LinkedIn for getting in touch. And you will be right but just partly. Science root beside the social factor allows for funds gathering or publishing work (3 pillars: collaboration, funding and publishing). All made in a very transparent way, thanks to the blockchain technology.

According to the Science root ecosystem description, the network’s users cooperation can increase the chances for funds collecting. Science token – a native coin for the platform will be used as a payment tool of the ecosystem. Besides, the system provides an immutable persistent digital identifier, a helpful tool in grant applying and unchangeable archive. Traditionally for the blockchain based social network, some users actions like content producing or reviewing will be granted.


Another aspect of this project is Q&A forum and decentralized scientific marketplace, the Science root offers. And as Q&A is pretty obvious, the marketplace raises some questions. If there will be some kind of ‘knowledge’ selling? Or the barter exchange?

I wrote already about the funds collecting. Thanks to the complete index of all international research grants, opportunities for funds or jobs finding increase.



This is one of the rare examples of ICO project with token based on Waves platform.  Although, despite the weak PR Waves gives much better functionality than ETH for example.

Maybe this is why, the team decided to conduct the ICO with the extremely long period of two years. Very likely they believe that Waves will ‘jump on the wave itself’ during that time. Obviously, it is just one of the reasons.

The two years long ICO period will have a very different price on every stage, as always in favour of early contributors.  

First stage (seeds funding) will finish just in two days (15.08). The team is aiming for:

12.500.000 Science Tokens at 0.04 EUR price. The equivalent of 500.000 EUR.

Second stage will begin in January 2019. Very likely the team expects the cryptomarket growth as it was this year.

33.000.000 Science Tokens with the price 0.06 EUR will be for sale.  The equivalent of 1.980.000 EUR.

Third stage will start in July and as all other will last for a month.

During that time 93.750.000 Science Tokens with the price 0.08 EUR is planned to be sold. The equivalent of 7.500.000 EUR.

The last, fourth stage is planned for the beginning of January 2020.

160.750.000 Science Tokens will be sold for a price of 0.1 EUR. The collecting goal is 16.075.000 EUR.

Let’s focus now on collected funds and token allocations.

From 500 000 000 supplied tokens, 60% will be available for sale. 15% will be given for a team, advisers and early contributors, 3% will be used for a bounty, airdrop and community support. 2% is planned to be spend on refferals and 20% will be kept as a reserve found.

From the collected funds, 30% will be spent on software development, 40% on business development, 15% on operation and services, 10% other and unexpected and 5% on resolving legal issues.

Team is always a key part of every project. Without the good work flow, even the easiest plans can be (nievypolnime) and the other way around. With people who know and like their job even the most difficult task appears to be a piece of cake.

The Science Root team is pretty young and a bit unexperience. Long ICO is also a chance for them to gain know-how and built networking. This is at least as they explained their decision on ICO Bench.

I have to say a good word about the PR and marketing team. The Science Root has been described in plenty titles not only the crypto orientated.  

Besides, the project has been rated by the ICO Bench, Track ICO, Fundico, ICO Holder and gained positive marks.

Alexandru Chirita, MSc, Co-Founder & Science Lead

Vlad Günther, Co-Founder & CEO

Sven Seemann, Frontend and Blockchain Developer

Frederik Huschebeck, Blockchain developer

Andrei Kocsef-Roman, Graphic & UI/UX Design

Cristian Luchin, Project Manager

Marius Chirita, MSc, External Communications

Michael Schönbeck, Blockchain Evangelist

Luca Tisu, Org. Development & PR

Paul Coskun, Content & Marketing

Angelo Das Mercês João, Bounty Manager & Community

Garazi Monzó Contreras, Community Manager


The team also collected a great number of advisers:

Marius Chirita, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Adrian Ieta, PhD, PE, Scientific Advisor

James Lovgren, Scientific and Product Advisor

Darren Narayan, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Victor Serban, Blockchain Advisor

Domingo Liotta, MD, Scientific Advisor

Zhen Wang, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Julien Hering, PhD, Scientific Advisor

PD Dr. Sönke Bartling, Scientific Advisor

Ed Lehner, PhD, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Lukas F. Buchmann, Scientific Advisor

Orlando Onofrei, Marketing & ICO Advisor


The Science root team is very active on a field of a direct marketing. They took part in plenty blockchain conferences, meetups and summits. Whole list and further events the teams plans to attend you can see here:




Scienceroot – social network for scientists – PROs, CONs and roadmap

The old wine is better, people claim. And as wine is seasoning the same does business. So maybe the two years long ICO strategy, the Science Root took is the right one?

The Science Root concept is pretty young. It has been invented slightly more than one year before. Since the April 2017 the team worked on product development realising an alpha prototype of social network in April this year. As I wrote before in previous articles, the ICO will last two years. More about it you can read in this article.

During the last couple months the team collected some significant prizes like:

 PROs and CONs


-        Not bad PR and marketing strategy, high quality materials

-        Using a wave platform. It might be a bulleye, can be a .... The time will show. But I really appreaciate that team wants to go against the stream.

-        Long ICO period – can be a way to avoid the market drops


-        Project’s funders don’t have much experience

-        Long ICO I have to put here as well as it requires much more energy, resources and the investing results will be visible much later


This is another article about the Science root. In the next parts, you can read more about the team, the token and the community. Stay tuned.

More about the project you can read here:

Website: https://scienceroot.com/

Whitepaper: https://scienceroot.com/resources/whitepaper.pdf

Onepager: https://scienceroot.com/resources/onepager.pdf



The trial version of Scienceroot Application:


Social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scienceroot/

Telegram: https://t.me/scienceroot

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/scienceroot




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