[GEMA] GEMERA – tokenizing Columbian emeralds

As it was written in the Papyrus Prisse, one of the oldest book in the world, "But good words are more difficult to find than the emerald, for it is by slaves that it is discovered among the rocks." 4500 years ago, emeralds have been already known from their rare beauty and high prices. That time just the emperors could allow themselves for such luxuriousness. Today, thanks to the blockchain technology all of us can afford them. Meet the GEMERA project.

In a Latin America emeralds used to be sacred gems for Incas and Aztecs. Later on, they were sent to Europe in bulk by Spanish conquistadores. And since already 500 years the germs from there are highly appreciated. For today Colombia is by far the world's largest producer of emeralds, constituting 50–95% of the world production (depending on the year). Why I am writing all this? Cause the GEMERA project I am introducing is made on the Colombian emeralds. The main project idea is to have a token fully backed on the emerald value. As an asset, it will over last all world global crisis. But what really makes this project unique is a possibility to redeem tokens for real emeralds though the marketplace.

All emeralds appearing on the decentralized marketplace has certificates confirmatory its originality and origin. Additionally, an annual audit performed by the third party check the emeralds on the stocks.  

What is the difference between the traditional and GEMERA ways of selling emeralds? The last one offers no middleman (thanks to the blockchain usage) and well as small and partial investments. The whole comparison you can see in the picture below.


GEMA token is based on the ERC-20 protocol. Project soft-cap estimated for 500 000 USD dollars has not been reached yet. Obviously, the bearish situation on the market makes founds collecting dire.

What I find the most attractive in GEMERA token policy is the token burning. The tokens used on the redemption periods will be destroyed, thereby reducing the total amount of released tokens. The main idea behind such action is to keep the balance between the tokens offered and the value of the emeralds in the marketplace.

Hype & Partnerships

Let’s check the GEMERA community numbers:

9865 followers has GEMERA Facebook profile

5998 members has their Telegram channel

2283 followers has GEMERA Twitter profile

What is not the greatest community the blockchain world has seen, but also can’t be called a depressing state. Still, I would recommend the team to work a bit on the numbers. On the other hand, the great compliment deserves the team part responsible for the marketing. Both graphic design for the website and promo materials, as well as content, are made in a good manner – clear, nice, modern and informative.

The project collected some crucial partnerships:

As well as performed well on the listing websites. The ICO Bench gave 4.7 out of 5 points, Track ICO 5 points and ICO marks – 9,3 out of 10.

The team

The team consists of experienced businessmen, marketing and IT specialists, supported by the “names” from the blockchain world like Ian Scarffe. Each team and advisory board member have a LinkedIn profile where you can check their previous working experience and connections.

The team cooperates with an outsourcing company (4Cs Emeralds Colombia Ltd.) which exports the emeralds and delivers them to Hong Kong where GEMERA operates.

In the picture, you can see the GEMERA marketplace with possible for purchases Emeralds.

PROs and CONs


  • In difficult times for a global economy (as for example a downfall of 2008), investing in durable goods as emeralds can be a safe haven for investors. They won’t bring a great ROI but their value won’t fall either.
  • It is the only blockchain project dealing with emeralds (what makes it somehow unique)
  • High-quality promo materials


  • The system how the emerald price is connected to the token is not clear enough. Information about the insurance is also missing

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