[GMB] – dual cryptocurrency from Korea

In a nutshell, this new Korean projects aims to produce a user convenient platform with different dapps and dual cryptocurrency payment system.

Using the two different cryptocurrencies in one ecosystem allows going beyond some technical limitations like slow speed or low bandwidth of transactions. 

GMB coins are called Master Coin and Branch Coin. First one is the key currency in the ecosystem. Master Coin will be also listed on the exchanges and its rates can be volatile. According to the official project’s website listing on IDAX and LATOKEN Exchange is already confirmed.

The second one will be issued for each country and the values of each Branch Coin will be set according to the local fiat currency. What makes the Branch Coin much more stable than Master.

Exchange of Master Coin and Branch Coin will be possible through GMB DEX, project’s own decentralized exchange.

More details about these coins you can see on the picture below:

Branch Coin can be changed with Branch Coins from other countries. Details below:

Using both currencies enables to store the asset and use it in a real life. It will significantly increase the transaction processing speed and scalability of services.

What makes the GMB project unique is the high speed of transaction processing thanks to the well-suited hardware equipment (Mikkschain Solution) and consensus POPS (Proof of Power Specification & Stake).

The platform itself can be applied to service platforms in various business fields. As a first example, GMB shows TravelSpace, a travel specialized community service, a dapp created by the team. The main idea of this project is changing the concept of travelling from ‘consumption’ to ‘profit’. Travellers will have an opportunity to register various travel experiences, such as travelogues, photos, pictures, videos, and etc. as travel content, and receive rewards.

How exactly these scheme supposed to work you can check on the picture below:


Nowadays the hype is a crucial thing for every team to have their tokens to be sold. Let’s have a look at how what is the GMB situation on that point:

5664 members has GMB Telegram channel.

3372 Twitter users follow the GMB profile

And what is interesting the team decided to not use Facebook as a promotion channel. It could be caused an anti-crypto Facebook policy or the uselessness of this social media in ICO promotion.

I can’t say it is the worst result I’ve seen in projects but still, there is a lot of work ahead to increase the hype. Despite pretty weak number project gained an impressive number of partners. It is enough to mention a couple of them like: Hackers lab, Blockchain Forum, CN Plus.


The GMB team is pretty big and consist of the experts mainly with business and marketing background. The technical department is also big enough to handle such as complex project.

Jefferson Kim CEO & Founder

Samuel Karamanis CCO & Cofounder

Jong Han Lee Cofounder

Seong Kee Kim CTO

Kay Cheong CSO

Danny Jeong COO

Indi Yoon Strategic Planning Director

Byeong Doo Jeong Blockchain Development

Jong Man Yang Blockchain Development

Jungmin Lee Blockchain Development

Lucy Mun Financial Officer

John Lee Marketing & Communications

Gina Lee Global Management

Jefferson Huang Global Management

Eduardo Buritica Global Management

Seo Kyung Jang Web Designer

Hye Ri Ko Web Development

Seong Jae Heo Service Development

Hye Ji Lee Web Publisher


All of the team members have their profiles in LinkedIn.


The team is supported by the advisory board consisting of:


Dr. Park Ki-Tae

Gerrard Ji

Simon Lee

Kyung Soon Choi

James Jeong

Jupil Joung


More about the project you can read in links below:









Social media channels







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