[ENK] Enkronos Project: Review

Among the many blockchain platforms and ecosystems, it is difficult to pick up the leaders, especially at the first glance. It is necessary to thoroughly study the possible ways of adoption and to understand which processes are getting tokenized. A big plus for the project is the availability of a comprehensive solution and a finished product.

The Enkronos project, created by the organization from Slovenia with the same name - Enkronos d.o.o. - fulfils all of the above points (ecosystem, API, application platform), as well as can show off the middle size community - up to 10 thousand members.

The Enkronos company has been engaged for a long time in online businesses like advertising and marketing but became famous for internet pages creation and mobile applications. Blockchain, artificial intelligence, bigdata, Internet technologies of things are among the specializations of the company's team. 

The Enkronos platform offers to use already existing applications or creating the new ones. 

To whom it may be interesting?

In general, interested should be all kinds of enterprises from the sphere of financial services, health, production, wholesale and retail trade, agricultural organizations, builders, energy and various technology companies, including start-ups.


Universal "smart" services will serve everyone well.



For example, the FeelGrid application provides "smart" monitoring over a broad territory. Contest Dream, already another application, helps to create and manage special actions and promotions. Loyalty Venue - as the name suggests, manages loyalty programs with a convenient management system.

All of this applications you can check on the Enkronos web platform. 




The staff of Enkronos company consists of a little more than a dozen specialists, with quite a standard set of specialities for marketing and programming:

Gianluca Busato, CEO and Founder
Jure Veler, CTO

Špela Mermolja, Project Manager

Luka Mladenović, Backend Developer

Jan Rožič, Frontend Developer

Mojca Mir, Business Assistant

Matjaž Prijatelj, System Administrator

Tomaž Uršič, IoT Developer

Niko Bergles, UX/UI Graphic Designer

Matjaž Hladnik, Frontend Programmer

Nejc Cotič, Sales Account

Yuliana Yarotska, Backend Programmer

Specialists of various profiles were invited as advisors to provide some insurance for the project in their areas of competence:

Debora Oliosi, Digital Strategist
Selena Balconi, Art Director

Marco Muhrer Schwaiger, Serial Entrepreneur

Filip Poutintsev, ICO

Arman Hryhorian, ICO and marketing

Richard Trummer, Blockchain investor & ICO

Alan Kristančič, Wine Entrepreneur

Shams Hassan, Blockchain Research Analyst

Sanem Avcil, ICO Investor


The project has enough strong points to attract the interest, for example, the excellent site, an original set of solutions, and the qualitative approach to solving current problems.

The project has more than sufficient documentation - except the standard whitepaper, there are the light version and a single pager.

All details about the project and ICO are spelt out in so easy and comprehensive way as it is possible. 



ICO and tokenomics

The Enkronos project token is a utility token based on the ETHEREUM protocol ERC-20 and has an ENK ticker.

A total number of 500 million tokens are expected to be released.


For sale will go a little more than a half (51%).

The base cost of 1 ENK token is 0.003 ETH.

How will the remaining tokens be distributed (49%):

By 6% -> the team, founders, advisers / consultants.

Further, 5% -> bounty, 10% -> reserve, 16% -> blocked (in fact, the second reserve).


Stages of sales of tokens:

(1) Private sales for major investors will be held from June 14 to June 25, 2018.

(2) Then the pre-sales phase (presale, Pre-ICO) will be conducted from June 27 to July 16, 2018.

(3) And the public stage of ICO sales will take place in autumn - from September 18 to November 20, 2018.


There is a system of bonuses.

Softcap of the ICO - 2500 ETH, but the hardcap is incredible - 500 thousand ETH.


It should be noted that unsold tokens will not be burned, and will also go to the company's reserve.


Project road map:



Links to the project:


Social networks:


Address of the company Enkronos d.o.o. and contacts:

Registered office: Cesta Zore Perello Godina 2 6000 Koper – Slovenija
Headquartes – Branch Office: Polje 12 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici – Slovenija
+386 (0) 55555550
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Author: RDMTV

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