[Swachh] Coin: Garbage management. Review.

The leaves outside are turning brown but the crypto market is as bearish as it was in February.

At the same time, the number of projects going through the ICO process is only growing, and today I will talk about an eco-friendly project, one of the many who is right now on the Initial Coin Offering stage.

Many of these projects are aiming not only to improve the actual economic ecosystem but also to fix the world global problems like for example a waste issue.

There are big problems associated with the garbage like the accumulation of trash/absence or imperfection of recycling programs, pollution of forests and oceans with household garbage, toxic waste (day-light lamps, batteries, mercury-containing objects). It’s hard to imagine this today, but a huge number of people throw it all to the usual trash.

When we see another thousand of poisoned fish or birds on the shore of a reservoir, seals or penguins smeared in refined products in social advertising, we rarely think that we ourselves are also victims of the poisoning of the planet.  So we, people, each of us, should take responsibility for the environment around us.

One of the non-profit organizations involved in environmental management specialized in waste management is the Swachhcoin Foundation from India. The NGO acts as a technology developer and service provider. Swachhcoin is committed to change the existing waste management industry, making it more efficient, smarter and place their brick on the global garbage crisis resolving.

Project’s parts

Swachhcoin is developing a special eco-system, which makes people aware of the possibilities of recycling around them so that they can understand their important role and personal responsibility in the great task of preserving the planet.

The project is based on such technologies as blockchain and decentralization, Internet of Things, work with large amounts of data ("big data"), machine learning.

How this ecosystem will cooperate with people and society is shown in the illustration below.


Team and experts

The core of the Swachhcoin team is mostly Indian, but few of these individuals are widely known in Russia. We suggest looking at all the information on each participant on the company page in LinkedIn (link at the end of the article).

Aditya Kumar, Founder & CEO

Prashant Chaturvedi, Co-Founder & Operations Director

Aditya Vikram Singh, Chief Financial Officer

Siddela Sarat Kumar, Director of Research and Development

Naman Jain, Marketing Director

Kuruwa Sayteya, Director of Relationship Development

Deep Ranjan Gupta, Technical Director

Sunil Panwar, Strategic Director

Tarun Kumar, Lead Developer

Achil Sharma, Blockchain Developer

Sriity Ruddy Mutyal, Machine Learning

Abhishek Chaudhary, Big Data Analyst

Vamsi Vardhan, Business and Industry

Javan Joshi, Product Strategist

Alok Kumar, Web Developer

The curators/advisers / consultants are the well-known blockchain experts:

Chadd Pollitt, Anders Larsson, Joachim Holmer, Simon Cocking, Richard Kravchik , Sean Brizendin, Dean Sakis Karakitos, Arian Nava, Vijyabs Es, Andrew Taylor, Brian De Pierre, Katerina Ferrara

Organizations - partners SwachhCoin

 3x PRO: Promotion, Product, Prototype

By all above-cited indications, the promotion of Swachhcoin is very, very successful, a lot of effort and finances have been spent in conveying information to the crypto community. So what about project’s numbers?

There are about 60 - 70 thousand subscribers in the community of all social channels, what is well above the "average" 8 to 10 thousand.

The Swachh project has been covered in many world global and local media like:









The Swachhcoin site is high-quality, the same can be said about the working documentation, although there are not enough available translations.

At ICOBENCH, the project received a score of 3.5 for the product, 3.8 for the vision, 4.1 for the team.

In general, I can say that the project promotion is going quite successfully.

Token and ICO

The project's token, Swachhcoin, is built on the ERC-20 Ethereum Protocol.

It is planned to release 400 million tokens.

The price of 1 coin on ICO without bonuses = 0.075 USD.

Soft cap - 5 million dollars, hard cap - 18 million. 

Links to the project:



Social media: 



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