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When you are travelling you can choose two options to organize your trip. First one is to use a travel agency services, what saves your time but significantly increases the travel cost. Another option is to plan everything on your own and spent a great share of free time but make everything much cheaper. Soon a third option will appear on the travel market. Meet PLEASE.

As I understood from the project documentation PLEASE is aiming to make travelling affordable and easy that even grandparents can use it for trip planning. I have to explain here that Please is not dedicated to people in golden years, rather thanks to the xApp approach, it can be used even by a digitally illiterate person.

According to some sources, an individual preparing a trip on their own spend 30 hours and visit 38 websites for the research. Thanks to the PLEASE project all the organization can be done with couple clicks. So what exactly PLEASE is offering?


Two things:

a decentralized marketplace offering different travel services including trips and accommodations and secondly own blockchain.

Let’s focus for w while on PLEASE protocol. According to the project’s official page description, it will be:

  • A set of smart contracts to allow service providers to publish their service on the Blockchain
  • A set of oracles to access the right data on the Blockchain
  • A set of proxies to access smart contracts by non-blockchain apps
  • A hybrid portal to access both the centralized and decentralized services in an easy and seamless way

The decentralized marketplace will be supported by the bot, who thanks to the voice recognition system can make a booking as easy as winking.

The team

The team standing behind PLEASE project seems to be solid and experience enough to handle this pretty complex project. It is enough to mention that Kristi Brown responsible for a Boutique success works as a marketing director. The whole team (working full-time) consists of:

Romain Barissat CEO - Full-Time

Vladimir Kokovic CTO - Full-Time

Kristi Brown Marketing Director - Full-Time

Sarper Horata Product Manager - Full-Time

Marcel Akiyama Product Designer - Full-Time

Jaydeep Solanki Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time

Florent Thurin Partnerships Manager - Full-Time

Anupam Varshney Content Marketing Strategist - Full-Time

Facundo Matteo Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time

Vibhor Jain Operations Manager - Full-Time

Olivier Ducroux Full-Stack Engineer - Full-Time

Denis Zabelin UX Designer - Part-Time

Nicolas Girardot Solidity Developer - Part-Time

Antoine Garcia Full-Stack Engineer - Part-Time


The team is supported by the advisory board:


Emmanuelle Morice SVP @ Atos - Non Paid

Laurent Allias CEO @ Josiane - Non Paid

Geneviève Blin Senior Executive Coach - Non Paid

Alan Hochman Management Consultant - Paid for all his work on the business plan and white paper, non paid as an advisor

All of the team members and advisors have LinkedIn profiles you can check.



As I already wrote before PLEASE advertise themselves as a tool to make a life of traveller much easier, using a slogan – 1 click trips.

I can’t say that the blockchain for travellers is anyway a new idea. There were plenty of similar projects before, although, the wheel also hasn’t been invented just by one person.  The team who will get their product into the mass adoption will win all the marbles. Will it be PLEASE?

You never know but the project has some things and features I like. For example the token management. PLEASE, tokens belonging to the team will be frost for three years. Also, there are no token rewards for the advisors which decrease the potential whales number.  

Of course to make this plan possible, the mass support from the community is needed. Let’s check the project’s official followers numbers of different social media:


Facebook – 3033 followers has PLEASE Facebook profile

Twitter – 5889 profiles follow their Twitter

Telegram  - 7837 members has PLEASE official Telegram channel


Altogether the PLEASE community has around 10k. members what is not a bad result but also doesn’t impress anymore.




What is interesting, the project doesn’t have a soft cap. The team wants to run their project even if they will sell 0 PLS. Raised funds supposed to be used for scaling and further development.


If you want to learn more about the PLEASE project check the links below:






Pitch deck:


Social media:








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