[SVRN] SOVREN – a new face of social trading

Most of the people working in the blockchain industry would say that the old economy has bit the own tail. And they would be absolutely right. In 2008 Satoshi opened doors to the new possibilities. The question left is how the global market will use them. Will the finance world turn to the bright future of the shared economy? Thanks to the projects like The Sorven, this can be more possible than ever.

Based in London, the heart of a global financial world, the Sovren company wants to revolutionize the actual trading market. According to the concept, trading supposed to be as easy as never before made just with the couple clicks with 0% commission, and in one mobile app.

The Sovren ecosystem consists of four parts – trading, lending, paying and playing. Actually, the last one just describes the system usage – in an easy and convenient way. Trading can be done with stocks, gold and securities.

What is important SOVREN wants to act on the financial market fully legal. This is why the company acts in the UK, not in the tax havens But despite the claiming to be fully licensed there is no information which allowances the company already obtained or will gain in the nearest future.

What I really see unique in this project is a possibility for group investments. The SOVREN application allows to share the history and make decisions together with family members or a close friends network. Details on the picture below:


The whole interaction with the SOVREN ecosystem can be done with a ZOVA chatbot support. Using Artificial Intelligence for communication and development is one of the projects’ pillars. It will make the user interface of the app much more convenient and easy to use.


The team consists of experts with different backgrounds. It means mainly in business, marketing and technology. Each team and advisory board member have a LinkedIn profile where you can check their previous working experience and connections. The full list can be seen below:

Avijeet Jayashekhar Founder and CEO

Wynand De Jager Co-Founder and CTO

Tara Nolan Director PR & Marketing

Jan Bolhuis Blockchain Solutions Architect

Prashant Tiwari Head of Platform Development

Luke Lynch Head of Cyber Security

Sachin Shetty Head of Technical Integration

Subhra Thota Programme Director- Testing

Santhosh RB Head of UX

Kledi Nenaj Business Development

Natalia Boruch Director Customer Engagements

Chris Parker Head of Business Development

Revathy Mariappan Senior Business Analyst




Cesar Ortega Strategic Advisor

Petros Bozatzis Investor & Advisor

Anuj Khanna TGE Strategy Advisor

Jason Grant Advisor - Customer UX

Sascha Gh DDS Strategy Advisor

Guy Douek Strategic Advisor - Operations, Payments and Fraud Prevention

The team promotes themselves with numbers. According to the official data the team has:

40 - successful Fintech Launches

130 - successful Projects

6 - years of Blockchain Experience

100 - years of Business Experience

behind their backs. For me, it sounds impressive. Isn’t?

The token

The token used to fuel the SOVREN ecosystem has a ticker SVRN and it is based on the ERC-20 protocol. It will be used for example as a fee reducer or a discount token for trading. To be honest, the part about the token policy supposed to be overworked as much important information is missing.


Hype and marketing

Let’s check the SOVREN community numbers:

3 149 followers has SOVREN Facebook profile

7415 members has their Telegram channel

2862 followers has SOVREN Twitter profile

That makes a pretty average community size. There is no information about any conferences or meetups the team is taking part in.

If you want to learn more about the project check the links below:







Social media:




BH: Cryptohare

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