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Without Wifi it is hard to imagine such as rapid inundation of bloggers and vloggers. What to say, it would be impossible for the outsourcing work to be done by the freelancers sitting in the cafe. Finally, the digital nomad phenomenon would never appear. And even if the wifi can be called the civilizational achievement still access to it can be limited. Meet Open Wifi, a project which aims to build a global wifi network for free.

According to the data provided by the Open Wifi there are around 2.5 billion smartphone users globally, most of them (about 80%) are active in the social media. What means that being online is a crucial part of their daily life. But 76% from this great number often find themselves in a position where access to the internet is not available or where access is blocked by a demand for payment.

From mentioned 2,5 billion smartphone users Open Wifi wishes to recruit 1%  during the four years period as a “hotspot hosts”. All what is required from the host is to have their hotspot active for not less than hour per day. This will classify them to the Global Network and they can receive a financial reward. It will create a network of free wifi accessible almost from every place on the Earth.


More about the idea

The Open Wifi concept has been created on the assumption the 80% of people who pay for the wifi in their homes, offices and finally, mobile phones don’t use their data fully. Being part of a Global Host Network allows gaining this money back. Of course, all the payments will be done with an OPP Token. The initial price of one coin is $0.40.

But this is not all. Open Wifi aiming to increase their coverage promises to provide the first 100,000 routers absolutely free of charge. For today, a company has over 89,000 WiFi Hosts signed up. I can imagine that in the nearest future this number will increase rapidly.

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