[BVO] BRAVO PAY – and app which will change the tipping industry

For people 30 years ago it is hard to imagine what the micropayments mean. Without checks, bank calls and high fees you can send some cash to your friend just because you like him. Or give a tip to someone. This is what BRAVO offer. And now they decided to come one step further and modified their payment system to the blockchain conditions.

To be honest, guys weren't lucky with picking up the date for ICO. Collecting funds when the market is bearish is like walking on the line between the skyscrapers during the hurricane – falling will be a disaster and even if you’ll make it, it won’t bring splendid results. On the other hand, if all project’s team would think this way, the situation on the market would be much more dramatic.

BRAVO payment history

BRAVO has been invented in 2013 when two co-founders were on the hiking trip in the mountains and didn’t have any cash to tip the guide. Just two years later in 2015, the BRAVO payment made its debut on the US market and became an incredibly popular app for tipping.

Why BRAVO became so successful?

According to official data, nearly 10% of Americans no longer carry cash and 49% carry $20 or less on a daily needs.  And it is impossible to give a tip to the polite waitress with a card (at least for today). BRAVO gives a possibility to reward people we like – like a service staff, tour guides, musicians and etc. All required to do is download a BRAVO app on the smartphone. You can check how exactly this app works here: https://trybravo.com/

Features of BRAVO app

BRAVO app main bonuses. 

But tipping is just one of the possible BRAVO app usage. It can be also used as a P2P payment tool or micropayment tool.

And what I really love in this project, any payment can be made anonymously. But tipping is not the only possible usage of BRAVO payment application.

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