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As a rule, when we hear or talk about the social networks – we usually think about Facebook, Twitter or Telegram. It is quite deserved because these networks have become leaders, better than other competitors performing an important task - to unite human communities, each network does it in its own way.

But like any other technical branch - social networks await a REvolution or an Evolution, as people's needs will change over time, opportunities for their realization will evolve.

And today I would like to present you a new blockchain project – called by creators „decentralized government”, or in other words - the social network of next-generation -  Enlte.
The project is coming from India, you can check it out on their official site.



Enlte is a social network, payment chain, and help- / advise- / advertisement platform, all-in-one.
They made first steps in 2017 and since those days the team works on a project development.

Enlte Project promised us to make possible to work easily every day with GEO tagging, augmented reality, share the data and experience with other participants, to use location-based services and numerous social opportunities. The Enlte team will give us a new social IDentification system with more privacy of our data, and transparent control & management in the social network.

As I understood, the network should be like a self-controlling society, that can exist without usual government. So, we'll see, how it will be work in far future (or today, if you download beta application for a Google Android smartphone).

Next important feature that offers ENLTE (and I want to get) - the universal CARD for cryptocurrency fiat exchange and spending your money directly, NFC chip and identification together. The card will be cost 100 ENLTE coins.




The team and advisors

The team of Enlte is not a huge now (just 8 people in total on a board), but these guys promised to make a world revolution. Meet them:

Anupam Sharma, Founder/CEO, Serial Entrepreneur, Programmer.

Abhinav Sharma, Chief Operations Officer, Developer.

Rakesh Kumar, Chief Technical Officer, Developer in Android, Node.Js, Java.

Varun Sharma, Video Developer.

Abhishek Rana, Search Scientist.

Krishan Kumar, Marketing and Promotions.

Kartik Gambhir, Campaign and Promotions, Blockchain technology.

Sushant Sharma, UX & Web design, Digital marketing, Cryptocurrency specialist.


The project will be managed by best world experts :

Vladimir Nikitin, Chief Advisor
Nikolay Shkilev, Technical Advisor
Nicolas Cheun, Legal & Strategy Advisor
Amarpreet Singh, Strategy & Relationship Advisor
Uiun Jeong, User Community Manager
Frank Bardenheuer, Advisor
Erickvand Tampilang, Community Advisor



The HYPE about ENLTE

I will begin with the ICOBENCH – the project was rated 27 experts and has now there 4.8 points!
It’s the amazing result, really!

The community is very big, about 40+ thousand followers (most of them, 30+ thousand are In Telegram channel).

Nevertheless, now we should read about some important features at the whitepaper (http://web.enlte.com/enlteweb/whitepaper_v_0.2.pdf  ) - by the way, it isn’t so long document, 22 pages only.  Anyway, I can say, all their promo materials like site, whitepaper, all the PR campaign are good quality made.




The project’s coin has a ticker by the name of a Project - ENLTE. It was built on its own blockchain platform, so you should register additional address / native wallet, where you will hold your tokens. That’s a big plus - you will not be connected to ERC-20 and Ethereum.

Without bonuses, 1 ENLTE equals 0.016 USD at the ICO prices.
You can pay for tokens by ETHers, BTC, and other altcoins, minimal investment is 160 USD.

An useful information for future investors!
Very likely, all user's activity should be paid in this social network with native tokens.
So, you can earn the money there, helping to other people and sharing the useful information.

Soft cap 100 mln ENLTE (at now sold 4x times more ~ 400 mln tokens).

Hard cap - 1 bln ENLTE.

Roadmap of the project 





ENLTE  is "already existing product".  You can watch the video - how it looks like on smartphone:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3aEFc0zL8A or to download the application and use it even right now.

So, if you want to invest some funds, hurry up – read the whitepaper, check the site and a team!
ICO will be ended on 30. June.

You can register for ICO right now, so good luck in your investments!



Links to the project and contacts


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Author: Alkey.Rou

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