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The project P2PS (Country of origin - Mauritius) presents to us the blockchain powered, secure, pure P2P (means "peer to peer"), digital communications platform designed for everyone with a need to securely store and exchange digital/private data such as medical records, banking data and government classified data, among other sensitive digital exchanges. Such platforms today are simply nonexistent. How to change cryptocurrencies into FIAT is a question gives many sleepless nights. The whole process is not only difficult but often risky and expensive due to high commission fees. P2PS promises to make crypto-fiat exchange easy and painless. 

The P2PS idea is pretty easy to explain – to build up a platform where users - peers - can exchange fiat and cryptocurrency. They want to make it with a maximal security, minimal fees, and fully functional mobile application. P2PS’s plan, besides the exchange, is to build a knowledge sharing platform about investments in crypto. P2PS .org will contain not only analyzes but also training courses and ready-made solutions for trading. At least, that’s the plan, cause beta version will be released by the end of crowd safe.

[For now, MVP/ Minimal prototype is available!]




The team consists of experts with business and IT background. Besides, the project attracted some advisers mainly specialized in smart-contracts and block-chain. Almost all of the team members have a profile on LinkedIn.

More details about the team below:

JAMEEL A. SHARIFF, Chief Executive Officer & Council Member

DR. WALEED ALORINY, Chief Operating Officer & Council Member

AMOS HENRY JR., Chief Business Development Officer & Council Member

BEN M. SEGER, Chief Technology Officer

JATINDER KUMAR, Marketing Manager

A. MANIKFAN, Project Manager

SHINO THOMAS, Project Engineer


DAVID DRAKE, Advisor & Director

KEN TACHIBANA(日本人), Technical & Finance Specialist, Advisor

IAN SCARFFE, Blockchain – Business Ambassador/ Consultant/ Strategist, ICO Advisor

MIKE SHOKIN, Chartered Financial Analyst, Advisor

SEAN BRIZENDINE, Blockchain Specialist, Advisor




Hype and promotion

There are not many things I could write about the P2PS's website. Simple, informative, includes all the needed information. Minimum graphics and no fancy animation, but with video introduction about the project. Whitepaper explains much more of the project goals and features than the website. Inside, you can find some charts and graphical explanations. Beside the whitepaper, P2PS team prepared so-called one-pager – a pocket version with the most important information.

P2PS has an impressive list of crypto media which spread (past) the word about them. Also like they attracted some crypto-orientated ranking pages, receiving the most positive review. P2PS gained a middle size community: 3955 followers on Facebook, 8558 on Twitter, and the Telegram channel members: 3257. I cannot say it’s bad but there is still something to work on. On ICOBENCH the project has 3.9 points from 10 experts.

We found a lot of articles about the project:



As I wrote before the project is just in early development stages. Replace licenses with tokens is planned for a winter this year. In March of 2019, all users will be transited to the blockchain. The Roadmap is here:




Tokenomics and ICO

P2PS released 100 000 000 tokens (based on the platform Ethereum, ERC20 protocol) with a ticker P2PS.

50% of tokens are committed for ICO (will start Sep.10 and finish Oct.31 2018), 9% for the project team, 1% is booked for reward program (for a bounty), and 10% goes to advisors and partners. 30% will go to the special reserve (?).


From the collected funds, 35% will be given for a platform development, which is fair enough, as P2PS doesn’t have a ready-made project. 30% will be spent on marketing, sales, advertisement (most likely it’ll be just the top of the iceberg of marketing costs), 20% is a legal and HR together, 5% reserved for company usage, 10 % are predicted for operations costs.

Project soft cap team estimated for 750,000 USD and hard cap for 50,000,000 USD. With the actual crypto-currency crisis it’s not a bad result.

Price 1 P2PS = 0.004 ETH, or other words: 250 P2PS = 1 ETH / 0.06 BTC / 6 LTC.
Minimum investment 50 P2PS / 0.2 ETH.
You can buy P2PS tokens for BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC.


PROs and CONs

+ P2PS promises small commission - from 0 to 2% depending on the purchased package. On their website, you can see the comparison with another p2p exchange like for example change.

+ P2PS has an experienced team and advisors.

+ Project is well described and whitepaper shows all goals and the way to achieve them.

+ P2PS already collected some initial money for investing.

- The Project is just in the early stage of the development. It’s hard to predict the final result.

- A lot of tokens for a team usage. Again it’s hard to predict how they will act with it.

- Not a big hype (in my opinion - small community).



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